1. LEYNE V.O.F., established in Almere, Chamber of Commerce number 60312025, is referred to as service provider in these general terms and conditions.
  2. The other party of the service provider is referred to as the service customer in these general terms and conditions.
  3. The parties are service providers and service recipients together.
  4. The agreement refers to the agreement provide services between parties.


  1. These terms and conditions apply to all quotations, offers, activities, agreements and seliveries of services or goods by or on behalf of the service provider.
  2. Deviation from these terms and conditions is only possible if this has been expressly agreed in writing by the parties.
  3. The agreement always contains best efforts obligations for the service provider, not obligations for results.


  1. The service customer shall make all information relevant to the performance of the assigment available to the service provider.
  2. The service customer is obliged to make available all data and document that the service provicer believes it needs for the correct execution of the order, in a timely manner and in the desired form and manner.
  3. The service customer guarantees the correctness, completeness and reliability of the data and documents made availble to the assigment does not dictate otherwise.
  4. The service customer indemnifies the service provider against any damage in any form whatsoever arising from failure to comply with the provisions of the first paragraph of this article.
  5. If and insofar as the service customer requests this, the service povider will return the relevant documents.
  6. If the service customer does not make the data and documents required by the service provider available, or not on time or properly, and the execution of the assigment is delayed as a result, the additional costs and extra fees resulting from this will be borne by the service customer.


  1. The prices stated on offers from the service provider include VAT and any other goverment levies, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  2. The prices of the services are based on the most recent price list of the service provider. Errors in the prices list are reserved.
  3. Increases in the services that could not be foreseen by the service provider at the time of makin the offer or the conclusion of the agreement may give rise to price increases.
  4. With regard to the services, the parties agree n a fixed price when the agreement is concluded.
  5. If no fixed price has been agreed, the rate with regard to the service can be determined depending on the circumstances , on the basis of the hours actually spent and the service provider’s rate of the service provider.
  6. If no rate has been agreed on the basis of the hours actually spent, a target price will be agreed for the service, whereby the service provider is entitled to deviate from this up to 10%. If the target price is more then 10% higher, the service provider must inform the service customer in good time why a higher price is justified. In that case, the service customer has the right to cancel a part of the order that exceeds the target price increased by 10%.


  1. The prices and / or hourly wages agreed upon when entering into the agreement are based on the prices used at that time. The service provider has the right to adjust the fees to be charged to the service at any time.
  2. Adjusted prices, rates and / or hourly wages will be communicated to the service customer as soon as possible.


  1. The offers from the service provider are valid for no longer than 1 day, unless a different term of acceptance is stated in the offer. If the offer is not accepted within that term, the offer will lapse.


  1. To finalize the appointment, a deposit of €20 must be paid. The deposit will be deducted from the total amount of the hair service.
  2. The deposit must be made trough the website: www.leynel.com..
  3. After the deposit has been paid and the service customer has received a confirmation by e-mail, the appointment is final.
  4. On the day of the appointment, LEYNEL sends a second payment request by means of a ”Tikkie” for the remaining amount. The remaining amount can be paid before, during or after the appointment, but must be paid and credited to the LEYNEL bank account before departure.
  5. As long as the deposit has not yet been paid, the spot will remain available for other potential customers. The customer who pays the deposit first is assured of the place ????????


  1. On the day of the appointment, LEYNEL sends a second payment request by means of a ”Tikkie” for the remaining amount. The remaining amount can be paid before, during or after the appointment, but must be paid and credited to the LEYNEL bank account before departure
  2. If the service customer does not pay within the agreed term, he will be in default by operation of law, without any reminder being required. From that moment on, the service provider is entitled to suspend the obligations until the service customer has fulfilled his payment obligations or the service customer must leave one of the following articles of the relevant service customer behind:
    1. a. Driving license
    2. Identification
    3. Passport
    4. Debit card
  3. If the service customer remains in default, the service provider will proceed to collection. The costs related to that collection are for the account of the service customer. If the service customer is in default, he will also owe the service provider statutory (commercial) interest, extrajudicial collection costs and other damage in addition to the principal sum. The collection costs are calculated on the basis of the Decree on compensation for extrajudicial collection costs.
  4. If the service customer refuses to cooperate with the performance of the assignment by the service provider, he is still obliged to pay the agreed price to the service provider.


  1. The service provider will perform the agreement to the best of its knowledge and ability and in accordance with the requirements of good workmanship.
  2. The service provider has the right to have service performed by third parties.
  3. The execution takes place after the customer has read and accepted the general terms and conditions, after a deposit of €20 has paid and after receiving a confirmation email regarding the appointment.
  4. It is the responsibility of the service recipient that the service provider can start the assignment on time.


  1. If during the execution of the agreement it appears that for a proper execution of the assignment it is necessary to change or supplement the work to be performed, the parties will adjust the agreement accordingly in good time and in mutual consultation.
  2. If the parties agree that the agreement will be amended or supplemented, the time of completion of the performance may be affected. The service provider will inform the service recipient of this as soon as possible.
  3. If the amendment or supplement to the agreement has financial and/or qualitative consequences, the service provider will inform the service customer about this verbally or in writing as soon as possible.
  4. If the parties have agreed on a fixed fee, the service provider will indicate to what extent the change or supplement to the agreement will result in this fee being exceeded.


  1. Deposits are non-refundable.
  2. An appointment (date and time) can’t be changed. Appointments can only be cancled
  3. If the customer wishes to cancel the appointment, this must be notified to LEYNEL at least 48 hours before the appointment. This is only possible by sending a whatsapp message 0657301164 or trough e-mai info@leynel.com
  4. If the customer wants to make a new appointment after a previous appointment had been canceled a new deposit of €20 must be made again.



  1. In addition to the provisions of Article 6:75 of the Dutch Civil Code, a failure by the service provider in the fulfillment of any obligation towards the service customer cannot be attributed to the service provider in the event of a circumstance beyond the control of the service provider, whereby his obligations towards the service customer are wholly or partially prevented or as a result of which the fulfillment of his obligations cannot reasonably be expected of the service provider. These circumstances include power cuts, strikes, bad weather conditions, pandemic and work stoppages.
  2. If a situation as referred to above arises as a result of which the service provider is unable to fulfill its obligations towards the service customer, those obligations will be suspended as long as the service provider cannot meet its obligations.
  3. In the case as referred to in the second paragraph of this article, the service provider will refund the deposid within 48 hours to the same bankaccount number with which the deposit was paid;



  1. If LEYNEL cancels the appointment (at the time of the appointment), because the customer is late, the hair is not in the correct condition (tangle free, clean, dry, etc.) for the hair service or the customer has a (scalp) condition such as flakes, dandruff, fungus, eczema, psoriasis, lice or something like that the customer has lost the deposit.


  1. The service customer waives his right to set off a debt to the service provider against a claim against the service provider.


  1. The Service User waives the right to suspend the fulfillment of any obligation arising from this agreement.


  1. Rights of a party under this agreement cannot be transferred without the prior written consent of the other party. This provision applies as a clause with property law effect as referred to in Section 3:83, subsection 2, of the Dutch Civil Code.


  1. The service provider is not liable for damage resulting from this agreement, unless the service provider has caused the damage intentionally or through gross negligence.
  2. In the event that the service provider owes compensation to the service customer, the damage will not exceed the fee.
  3. Any liability for damage arising from or in connection with the performance of an agreement is always limited to the amount that is paid out in the relevant case by the (professional) liability insurance policy (s) taken out. This amount is increased by the amount of the deductible according to the relevant policy.
  4. The limitation of liability also applies if the service provider is held liable for damage resulting directly or indirectly from the improper functioning of the equipment, software, data files, registers or other items used by the service provider in the execution of the order.
  5. The liability of the service provider for damage resulting from intent or willful recklessness on the part of the service provider, his supervisors or subordinates is not excluded.


  1. If an assignment is given by more than one person, each of them is jointly and severally liable for the amounts owed to the service provider under that assignment.
  2. If an order is given indirectly or immediately by a natural person on behalf of a legal person, this natural person can also be a private service customer. This requires that this natural person can be regarded as the (co-) policymaker of the legal person. In the event of non-payment by the legal person, the natural person is therefore personally liable for the payment of the invoice, regardless of whether it is made in the name of a legal person or in the name of the service user as a natural person or both of them, whether or not at the request of the service recipient.


  1. The service customer indemnifies the service provider against all claims from third parties related to the goods and / or services supplied by the service provider.


  1. The service customer is obliged to report complaints about the work performed immediately in writing to the service provider. The complaint contains a description of the shortcoming that is as detailed as possible, so that the service provider is able to respond adequately.
  2. A complaint cannot in any case lead to the service provider being obliged to perform other activities than those agreed.


  • In case of complaints such as: coughing, fever, fatigue and breathing problems, the appointment will NOT take place;
  • When entering, use the shoecovers (for over the shoes) or take your shoes of (if there are no more shoecovers);
  • Upon entry, disinfect your hands immediately with alcohol / hand gel. LEYNEL will make this available for you;
  • During the appointment, the customer must wear a face mask;
  • It is not allowed to bring someone with you to the appointment;
  • If the customer is a child, a maximum of 1 parent / guardian / caregiver is allowed;
  • Payments are only made contactless by means of a tick request and the amount must be on the account of LEYNEL before departure.


    At the time of the appointment, the hair must be CLEAN, DRY, TANGLE FREE ánd preferably BLOW DRYED.

    We highly recommend blow drying, this will enhance the hairstyle and extend its lifespan.

    If the hair is NOT CLEAN, DRY and TANGLE FREE, LEYNEL will charge +€15 or +€25 extra. The price depends on the condition of the hair and how much effort it tajkes LEYNEL to dry, combout and/or blow-dry the hair.

    At the time of the appointment, NO products in the hair. If the customer still does have products in their hair, there is a chance, in combination with the products that LEYNEL uses it can result in to flakes, a haze, etc.

    LEYNEL provides NO hair services to customers with a (scalp) condition such as flakes, dandruff, fungus, eczema, psoriasis, lice, etc. *



    The request is to not be earlier than 10 minutes before the appointment. In this way, in the context of the COVID-19 virus, contact with other customers will be limited as much as possible.

    Are you delayed? That can happen to anyone, let LEYNEL know as soon as possible. LEYNEL maintains a tight schedule because of the following appointments.


    • Between 6 -15 minutes late we will charge +€15;
    • Between 16 – 30 minutes late we will charge +€25;
    • More than 31 minutes late, +€35 will be charged.
  • LEYNEL reserves the right at all times to cancel the appointment with customers that have dirty hair, wet hair, tangled hair and/or a (scalp) condition;
  • LEYNEL reserves the right at all times to cancel the appointment when customers are late.