At LEYNEL there is 24/7 camera surveillance.

Come not earlier than 10 minutes before the appointment.
Between 5 – 14 min. late, +€20 will be charged.
If you are 15 minutes late, the appointment will be canceled. geannuleerd.

It is NOT POSSIBLE ALLOWED to bring someone with you to the appointment. If the customer is a child (up to the age of 18), 1 parent/guardian/guardian is allowed to accompany hem/her.

Payments are only made contactless (via a payment request).
LEYNEL does NOT takes accept cash payments.

It is NOT POSSIBLE allowed without permission to film and/or to take pictures of the interior, customers and/or staff. LEYNEL will at all times ask permission to film or photograph the customer.

It is NOT POSSIBLE ALLOWED to smoke during the appointment or to take smoking breaks.

It is NOT ALLOWED to consume/use narcotics such as alcoholic beverages, drugs, etc. during the appointment.

It is NOT POSSIBLE ALLOWED to eat extensive meals during the appointment.
Kleine etenswaren, die geen sterke geur en troep achter laten, zijn wel toegestaan zoals: een appel, ontbijtkoek etc.

It is NOT POSSIBLE ALLOWED bring pets to the appointment.

Customers remain responsible for their own belongings at all times, LEYNEL cannot be held responsible for this.